Kathy Woolverton

No question, tourism, hospitality and entertainment businesses are using social media to connect with
potential clients. It is great to get the customer testimonials, upcoming events, and photo sharing of people having fun at your venues!

Using social media is also helps build internet
search campaigns and search engine optimization.

A recent survey shows how dramatic the improvement is.

Forty-four percent of respondents reported seeing noticeable boosts in search engine campaigns. Forty percent saw a lift in search engine referrals, 25 percent observed higher click-through rates on their paid search initiatives and 25 percent increased their conversion rates.

The majority of these companies leveraged social media to improve search engine optimization.

  • - Two-thirds (66 percent) are using the platform to create in-bound links.

  • - 64 percent are using extended profiles to reap more hits from search engines.

  • - 62 percent are tuning in to social media conversations to plan keyword strategies.

The benefits of social media campaigns inspired many firms to hire more social media experts.

  • - More than half (56 percent) of companies are devoting more budget to the platform,

  • - 15 percent are hiring staff

A great extra benefit of adding adding YOUR OWN customer community / social media ON YOUR OWN website using the Synergy Connect web software platform is in the search engine optimization.

Significantly more updated content is appearing within your site, thanks to your customers or fans responding to your community, sharing information, sharing photos, etc. Almost all of this content will include words (keywords) that correspond to the keywords you want your website to be found under.

As well, users viewing your content in your community can press the Facebook LIKE button and/or the Share button on all these community pages within your site, resulting in many more inbound links to your site.

Each of these increases your search engine optimization, and helps more new customers find you.

With hundreds of millions of consumers using social media and online shoppers conducting more than 16 million searches per month, the combined power of social and search channels enable brands to reach a large audience


Interested in implementing this positive impact for your business? Adding your own customer / fan community to your site using Synergy Connect is easy. It can connect to almost any website. Your community will be implemented with your business' brand.

Synergy Connect  Customer Community Social Media web software

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